Quizzo in Philly

Classic Games

More than just Quizzo!!

If you are looking for an event that goes beyond traditional Quizzo, or if you have a crowd where maybe everyone isn't a game player, you can choose from a number of classic game shows below for your event!  Most of these games can be played in a traditional show format, or in a tournament-style game.  

The $100,000 Pyramid


Be the first to climb to the top of the Pyramid in the classic word association game.



Are two brains really better than one? Find out in this alphabet-based trivia game.

Card Sharks


Acey-Deucy wth a twist! Call "Hi-Lo" after answering survey quesitons.

Chain Reaction


Addictive word association game where one word leads to the next...literally!

Classic Concentration


Concentrate to make matches on the board to reveal a puzzle to be solved.

Family Feud


Survey Says!! Everyone's favorite team game...guess the most popular answers to a survey of 100 people. 

High Rollers


Answer multiple choice questions, roll the dice, and knock the big numbers off the board. 

Hollywood Squares


 Tic-tac-toe with a twist! With nine of your favorite panelists. 



Everyone's favorite game of answers and question. 

The Joker's Wild


Knowledge is king, and Lady Luck is queen in this game where the questions are determined by a lucky spin of the wheels. 

(Can also be played as a music game)

Match Game


Fill in the blank to the best panel game of all time...no knowledge needed!! 

Press Your Luck


 Go after "big bucks," but be sure to avoid the WHAMMY!! 

$ale of the Century

Answer questions, earn dollars, and go shopping for prizes offered at deep discounts!

Super Password

The original word association game

The original classic word association game

Tic Tac Dough


Be the first to get three in a row in this trivia game based on the classic kid's game.

(Can also be played as a music game)

Weakest Link


  "Survivor" meets trivia in this game where round by round players vote of the played deemed the "weakest link."  

Wheel of Fortune


 Spin the wheel, call a letter and solve the puzzle!   

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire


  "Is that your final answer??"  15 questions stand between you and $1 million!